Dog Bowl II

February 2, 2019; 8:00 p.m. EST

Animal Planet (Check your local TV listings)

Posh Pets Rescue is excited to announce that our very own Mr. Bojangles will be on this year’s Dog Bowl.  He is the first wheelchair user in the two-year history of the Dog Bowl.  Like the Puppy Bowl, the Dog Bowl is for older dogs.  Mr. Bojangles is 8 years old and came to Posh Pets Rescue with a spinal injury.  He had spinal surgery which has allowed him to take a few steps.  When he wants to go for walks, he uses his Eddies Wheels for Pets cart. Don’t forget to set your DVR’s and mark your calendars.  We will be rooting for Mr. Bojangles on Team Goldies.

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