About Us:

Since 2006 Posh Pets Rescue, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has been dedicated to the rescue and placement of homeless animals into loving homes. We believe that with the right match and support every pet and every pet parent can be Posh! Posh Pets is empowered by our network of caring foster homes, as well as our No-Kill shelter in Long Island and our Westchester adoption center. In addition, we host off-site adoption events at multiple New York locations through the use of our mobile adoption vehicle.

Our Vision is that we believe every pet can be a Posh Pet.

What makes a pet Posh? We believe that every pet, no matter the breed, age, origin or history, is worthy of a Posh life. Every animal deserves love. With the right match and support we can make this happen!

How do I apply to volunteer?

Complete this volunteer application! Someone will respond to you in a few days!

Why volunteer?

When you join the Posh Pets family you help deliver on our Mission to rescue animals in need, temporarily care for them in our facilities or dedicated foster network, and find them loving adoption matches. You’ll meet other fun and passionate people like you!

What types of animals would I work with?

We have both cats and dogs, in both foster and physical locations. Our cats are located in Petsmart Westchester, as well as in foster and at our shelter in Long Beach. Our dogs are in foster or at the shelter.


Shelter – Our biggest opportunity for volunteers is at our shelter in Long Beach, Long Island. Here you can interact with cats and dogs as they come in and are cared for before adoption.

Events – We do adoption events almost every weekend. We do cat adoptions in Westchester and dog adoptions with our mobile adoption vehicle in a number of locations in Long Island and New York City.

Cat Care at Petsmart- We have a relationship with the Petsmart in Westchester. Socialization helps these cats become even more adoptable, and we provide their day to day maintenance like feeding them and cleaning their litter boxes.

Photography – Without question, photography helps save lives more quickly. If you can help us take excellent pictures of the animals in our care please let us know.


Adoption Team – Our adoption team reviews each email and application before finding the very best match for every animal.

Foster Team – While we have both a shelter and a partnership with Petsmart, we are primarily a foster based organization. Our Foster Team helps find new fosters, place our animals in their temporary care prior to adoption, and offer them support and guidance.  

Social Team – Excellent with Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? You can help save more lives, more quickly by leveraging these social platforms.

Development Team – Our development team focuses on fundraising and  event planning? If you have experience with grant writing or have an interest in fundraising, let us know.

Marketing & DesignTeam – Designers, copywriters, illustrators, PR, marketing, advertising, or any other transferable skills? You can help save the lives of animals in many ways!


Our Cats are located in several locations – some at our Petsmart Cat Room in White Plains in Westchester, some at our community cat rooms at our shelter in Long Beach in Long Island, and some in foster homes in Westchester, NYC, Long Island, or CT.

Our Petsmart Cat Room is located at Petsmart, 369 Tarrytown Road in Greenburgh / White Plains, which is easily accessible from major highways and public transportation. Having this partnership with Petsmart has drastically increased our adoptions with close to 500 cats adopted since we started the Cat Room in August 2014! We are so appreciative of this opportunity and hope to be able to continue for a long time. We are there for adoptions every Saturday and Sunday 12-3 plus weekdays by appointment.

Having enough volunteers to keep our cats happy and the cat room clean is an extremely important piece. Please consider joining the Posh Petsmart Team. We are looking for volunteers to commit to once a week, every other week or a few times a month. We are looking for dedicated, long term volunteers. Please email poshpetsmart@gmail.com if you are interested. We will arrange to provide you with a training. Volunteers must be 18 years of age but those under 18 can be accompanied by a parent. All scheduling and updates are done through Facebook so we ask volunteers to have a Facebook account, even if you set one up just to see updates and the schedule in our private Facebook group.


Contact us at volunteer@poshpetsrescueny.org.