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My first reaction when meeting Kevin, was, wow, he’s stunning! ( And he knows it, those eyes will melt you!) His super serious face in photos as he’s focused on treats, doesn’t show his playful and affectionate side. He’s an energetic and fun dog, always ready for a walk and an adventure. At 3 years old, Kevin is over the puppy crazies but needs to learn better leash manners. He loves toys and thinks empty bottles on the street or anything he can find is a toy! To Kevin, a walk is the perfect opportunity to make new friends as his tail wags in happy excitement. He loves treats, and takes them nicely so he will be easy to train with positive reinforcement. Kevin loves not necessarily in this order:treats, giving kisses, walks, playtime, people and other dogs. Kevin is happiness on four legs waiting for his forever home. He’s neutered, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and hoping you’ll fill out this application to meet him

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Adult, Male, Large

Hello there, I'm Sparkle! I'm an adult 5 year old dog with a heart full of love. I'm as sweet as honey, always greeting everyone with a friendly wag. I'm a curious explorer, sniffing out every new scent with bravery and gentleness. Mellow times are my favorite, I enjoy lounging around and being cuddly. But don't let my calm demeanor fool you, I'm also playful and smart! I love to engage in fun games and quick to learn new tricks. I get along well with dogs, cats, and children. I can be your perfect family pet, offering endless love and companionship. Adopt me and let's sparkle together in this journey of life! My foster mom says I am also very good in the house House trained and spayed with all my shots Please fill out the application on this link

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Adult, Female, Large

Meet Mileena, a young soul with a heart full of love and curiosity at two years old Her gentle nature and brave spirit create a harmonious blend that is hard to resist. Mileena's sweet disposition makes her a friend to all, her friendly demeanor is infectious, and her curiosity knows no bounds. She's a playful companion, always ready for a game or two, yet she can be mellow when it's time to relax. She loves cuddles, her soft heart melting into your arms as she finds comfort in your embrace. Mileena's unique blend of bravery, sweetness, and curiosity makes her the perfect addition to any family. Her playful yet mellow nature ensures she'll bring joy to your home, while her gentle, cuddly side promises endless love and warmth. Adopt Mileena and let her fill your life with love, laughter, and a friendship that lasts a lifetime. Spayed with all my updated shots and been Heartworm tested negative Please fill out the application on this link

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Young, Female, Large

Hera proves the point that adopting a senior can be life changing for both of you. 11 year old Hera came from the Manhattan shelter, seriously ill with pneumonia. She’s completely healthy now, loves to go out for walks wagging her tail as we go, is great on leash, will potty outside but will also use a wee wee pad, loves to be pet, and is gentle and friendly. We don’t know anything about Hera’s past but think it may not have been an easy life as she has a couple of bald spots on her hips, maybe from laying on a hard surface. Of course, now she’s grown accustomed to a soft plush bed and we wouldn’t have it any other way! We’ve noticed that Hera is extremely hard of hearing which means: 1)she’ll never be scared of storms, 2) she won’t care if you vacuum around her and 3) sudden loud noises will never bother her. In addition to enjoying her walks, Hera’s other favorite thing is a good long nap. At about 60 pounds, our American Staffy mix is so easy to be with, happy for attention paid but never demanding. Hera is, up to date with vaccinations, microchipped and ready to live her best life. To meet her, please complete this application.

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Senior, Female, Large

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND LOYALTY?? Mac is a gorgeous husky mix Just over 6 Years old who has all the good things one would expect from a middle aged gent like himself. He’s calm, enjoys a good toy to play fetch with and has impeccable leash manners. Mac lays quietly in his kennel, patiently waiting for his turn to be taken for a walk while all of the other dogs are barking loudly around him. But this guy knows it’s better to be polite and wait his turn. Mac was so lost when he was brought into our shelter. He was adopted from another shelter as a puppy and now his owners were turning their backs on him, but we just couldn’t. So Mac became a Poshling, and it’ took him some time, but he’s finally making sense of his new lifestyle. We don’t want him to get too comfortable since ideally, a fresh start with a new and loving committed family is just what this guy needs to really be ? happy again. Mac is a big guy, close to 70 lbs, but he’s easy peasy. A quiet and calm home would be best for him Mac has been no playdates with other dogs . Housetrained to go outside Please fill out the application on this link

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Adult, Male, Large

My name is FINN and I am a very sweet SEVEN-YEAR-OLD male American Staffordshire Terrier weighing 60 pounds I am a very well-behaved boy in the home and love to hang around on the couch or dog bed I am housetrained Great with dogs but Love smaller dogs the best. I am great on a leash and very friendly Neutered with all updated shots

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Adult, Male, Large

Introducing MURPHY!? Murphy has got it ALL going on! With stunning looks, charm, and fierce loyalty, there’s not much more one could ask for in a four-legged companion. Did we mention he’s EXTREMELY housetrained, gets on with dogs of all sizes as you see him here with his three month old buddy, , and has impeccable leash manners? He’s pretty close to perfection if we do say so ourselves. At 2 1/2 years old (his birthday is September 11), Murphy recently rejoined the rescue after he was adopted as a puppy during the pandemic. Like most puppies who were adopted then, he had only been exposed to the people in his home, so when it came time for him to meet new people, Murphy didn’t know how to react. . His family felt it was best if he came back to Posh, so here he is. He’s been making new human friends and doing EXCELLENT! He’s ready to join a new family, preferably in the suburbs (city life may be too exciting for him.) He loves playing with balls and is a great fetch player. Please fill out the application at this link.

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Young, Male, Large

Hiiiii! I’m JJ and I’m going to tell you a little about myself. I’m 10 years young and have been through a lot. I lived my whole life, before coming to Posh with one person. As she aged, she wasn’t able to take me for walks so I got fat. My person recently passed away, so I need a new person to love. At Posh Pets I go on several walks a day and have been diagnosed with a thyroid condition for which I’m on meds. No biggie to take them! So, I’m now pretty svelte ( everyone is impressed!), love my walks, have made some very special friends and am ready to find my new person . Because everything is so new I sometimes take a little time to get comfortable with a new person, but once I do be prepared for big smiles and lots of kisses! I love my walks, am housetrained, and the new svelte me is ready to go! Please complete the application to meet me and let’s make it happen. Nuetered with all updated shots Please fill out the application on this link

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Adult, Male, Large
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