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I’d like to introduce Tiffany, who was recently returned to our rescue after 8 years. Having lost her sight just 4 months ago, Tiffany is learning how to navigate this world in darkness, without the people she called “family” for 8 years. I wish people could see and experience her the way I do. Her face lights up when I open the door and say “hey Tiff McGriff it’s mama!” She rushes over, wiggling her whole fluffy body and sticks her snout between my knees. Sometimes she even gives a little hop, excited to go outside. When the wind blows, she likes to turn her face towards it, squinting her eyes that no longer show her the world. She is adjusting to being back in our rescue and we are looking for that special person who will let her live out their life with them She can be good with calm dogs once shes accustom to them She gets scared of people approaching her quickly out on street and for that reason we put a soft muzzle on her outside She also is on medicine ofr cushings She is not your adorable little puppy But once you know Tiffy you will fall in love with her as we did when we first had her as a baby and rescued her and continue to do so now She is spayed with all updated shots Please fill out the application on this link View full description »

Adult, Female, Large

When volunteers come asking to spend time with Marguerite, you know there’s something special about her. Before she came to Posh Pets Rescue, her life was spent as a breeder dog making beautiful puppies to be sold. It’s now Marguerite’s turn to be the shining star. At 7 years old and 72lbs, she gentle, quiet, great on the leash, loves easy walks, housetrained, and loves making new friends ( watch that stubby Rottweiler tail wag!). Her eyes are soft and intelligent, she loves to cuddle and loves treats. Marguerite is finished with the puppy making business( she is spayed), is heartworm negative, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations. If a gentle sweet natured girl is what you’re looking for, you’ve found her. Please complete this application to come meet her. View full description »

Adult, Female, Large

Gentle Giant RJ This big boy (72 lbs) needs his big body to house his ginormous heart! He loves people, wagging his tail and wearing his big goofy smile when he greets everyone. He loves his playdates with other dogs, gently playing with all. and has plenty of energy like a puppy RJ is in a foster home with a three-year-old toddler, and he is very gentle with her he loves all size dogs in the home. Chasing a ball (bringing it back is yet to be a learned skill), he shows off his other skills such as sitting and taking treats softly. He likes nothing better than sprawling on the couch and chewing his toys He has great leash manners, and he loves playing in the water at the beach or in a kiddie pool, his big square head always displays his megawatt smile. He's an amazing dog, and at 8 years old, is simply ready to find his forever person for a lifetime of walks, ball tosses, and love. Always ready for an adventure with his person, RJ hopes you'll fill out an application and come meet him. He's neutered, up to date with vaccinations, microchipped, and waiting. Housetrained Please fill out this application by copying and pasting the link into your browser View full description »

Adult, Male, Large

“What a gorgeous dog!” We get that comment so often from people who see him. And he is! Rascal is stunning with a coat that gleams with good health, a sweet, soft, intelligent face, and a wagging tail. At 2 years old, and about 70 pounds, Rascal is a social butterfly making friends with everyone he meets. He loves to play with balls and toys, can amuse himself for hours in the pool, is soooo housetrained (he lets you know when he needs to go out), loves his walks, and enjoys playing with dogs close to his own size ( a meet and greet with a resident dog is required). No cats or small dogs for this boy. Rascal knows ‘sit’ and ‘paw’ in exchange for reward treats which he takes gently. Rascal is smart, affectionate, playful, and ready to find his new person or family. Neutered, and up-to-date with vaccinations, microchipped Rascal invites you to complete this application to meet him. Please fill out the application on this link View full description »

Young, Male, Large

Introducing gorgeous 10 years young Chloe is a Labrador/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. Classic coloring, eyes that look into your heart, and a megawatt smile, weighs 58 pounds Chloe is ready to find her happily ever after. Chloe's perfect day consists of easy walks, some playtime, and lots of cuddle time with her person. She's the perfect TV buddy! Chloe does not like to share her toys, so an experienced person who understands when to leave her alone is needed. She will warn you, but what's hers is hers. or you can exchange her for another one or a treat Chloe knows 'sit' and 'high five', and happily shows off her skills in exchange for a treat which she gently takes. Chloe loves children and gets along with cats, and can be dog selective. Also fine wiht Rabbits Our superstar is housetrained, crate trained, and looking for a person to provide routine . She's such a love, and is move-in ready, up to date with vaccinations, spayed, and microchipped. Let's get her home! Please fill out this application by copying and pasting the link into your browser View full description »

Adult, Female, Large
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