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Affectionate, Friendly, and Delicious I am the sweetest FOUR MONTH OLD-old male SHEPHERD/HOUND MIX and my rescues best guess at my breed. I have a beautiful Tan coat that is so soft that makes people stop to admire me and sat they want to squeeze me as I am so adorable I am very gentle also and love to give you kisses and hugs and I am 23 pounds now. so should be a medium-sized dog I am good other dogs, in my foster home and CHILDREN and get along with everyone I’m a precious puppy ready to start my life with a special family that will love me unconditionally. What are you waiting for? Come meet me and I promise you won’t be able to resist the way I melt into your shoulder. I am neutered and have all my shots and have a microchip Please fill out this application by copying and pasting the link into your browser View full description »

Baby, Male, Medium

Looking for a special dog You’ve found him! Handsome Marshall is all about exercise, playtime, zoomies, and fun, fun, fun. and weighing 60 pounds Loves relaxing but not needing a second invitation for a walk Marshall is all about being out. and. a very social dog At approximately one-year-old, Marshall has tons of energy and wants to make sure you’re having as good a time as he is. Hugs? Check! Kisses? Check! Fun on a walk? Check! Marshall soliciting and hugs petting and is everything he should be. and he leans up on your lap for snuggles Good with other dogs and a meet and greet is required if you have a resident dog. Marshall is neutered, up to date with vaccinations, microchipped, and ready to find his happily ever after. Please fill out the application on this link View full description »

Young, Male, Large

Hi, My name is WINNIE and I am sweet as my name. I am only SIX YEAR old CHIHUAHUA MIX and I weigh 9 pounds with a beautiful tan and. black coat I am great with other DOGS, CATS, but prefer to be my new families only as I love being held by my foster mom However, my rescue does not know what happened to me in my previous home as I do not like being woke up out of my sleep and will get startled and might defend myself. So experience owner is required that understands not to wake me up if in bed with you or startle me Favorite things. Snacks and Walks in that order I am spayed and have all my shots and have. microchip now Please fill out the application on this link View full description »

Adult, Female, Small

Looking for a fun, playful pup? Look no further, meet KRINGLE With puppy energy to spare, Kringle loves to run and play, loves tossing a ball around, and can amuse himself with toys for hours. We love a dog who can amuse himself! When tired out, a good cuddle, a good belly rub, and then a good nap is on the agenda. A lover of other dogs, Kringle loves the stimulation of canine play and plays puppy hard. We're not sure what Kringle is a mix of but at 8 months old and 28 pounds he'll probably be a medium-size dog when fully grown. and good with children as long as parents correct him when he jumps in excitement He's learning to walk on a leash, but it's hard to contain his puppy enthusiasm when encountering fun things to see and smell while on his walk. He's a smart little guy, so with supportive parents who can provide structure, positive reinforcement training, and a lot of love, he's got everything it takes to be an amazing family member. Kringle is neutered, up to date with vaccinations, microchipped and ready to find his happily ever after. Please fill out the application on this link View full description »

Young, Male, Medium

Hi, my name is Cotton, pleased to meet you! I'm about 6 months old and have a lovely girlish figure at my current 32 pounds. My coat is multicolored and I'm told it looks like a finely crafted needlepoint design. I think you'll agree! I'm originally from the Bahamas and moved to New York to become a Posh Pet and find my forever family. Because I'm an 'island girl' I'm a bit scared of all the strange noises and traffic here in New York but am working on that. A nice home with a fenced-in backyard in the suburbs will be best for me . I'm super playful with other dogs, and in a foster home with both DOGS and CATS and good with older children I'm getting used to walking on a leash but need time and patience as this is all so new. Hugs and kisses await when you get to know me and give me time to acclimate as I can be a bit shy in new situations. To know me is to love me as the saying goes. So please fill out the application to meet me; I'm spayed, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and would love to become a part of your family. I’m spayed, up to date on vaccinations, and microchipped. Please fill out the application on this link View full description »

Baby, Female, Medium

Chiffon, soft, silky, sumptuous. That's me!! I'm about 7 months old and weigh about 40 pounds. I think I have lots of golden retriever in me, but only a DNA test will confirm my mix. I'm originally from the Bahamas, so used to big open spaces and quiet. And while I love being a Posh Pet in New York, the busy streets and loud noises often startle me. I'm getting used to it all, but it takes time. A suburban home with a fenced-in yard is my ideal home, older children are best as the young ones are sometimes too much for me. I love playing with other dogs, but also love being the only dog as I love attention. I'm learning this whole leash walking thing and just need more practice before I'm a pro! I love treats of all kinds and take them gently. My friends compliment me on how sweet and soft my personality is, and how happy they will be when I find my forever people. I'm up to date on vaccinations, spayed, microchipped, and ready to start my happily ever after. Please fill out the application on this link View full description »

Young, Female, Medium

Gorgeous Lucy wins our award for most likely to succeed!! Lucy came to us from Texas, shy, scared, and not ready to engage. From her lush clean coat and well-kept figure, it seems that she had a loving home once, and it's hard to fathom that she ended up on the streets, abandoned and unloved. It's taken her a while to trust people again, and a slow steady pace and soft voice win her friendship. Estimated at 1 year old, and weighing about 45 pounds, we let Lucy set the pace and she's nailing it! Lucy loves other dogs, wagging her tail, play bowing and ready to engage. She’s very tolerant with exuberant dogs, a rockstar!! A staff and volunteer favorite she has so much love to give. Lucy is a snuggler, happy cuddling on the couch when she's comfortable with her person. Lucy welcomes play bowing and happy to be going for a walk .She does best in a quiet environment both inside and outside the home; city life/busy streets are not for our girl. Would od well with another dog in the home to keep her socialized Lucy is spayed, up to date with appropriate vaccinations, microchipped, and ready to hunker down with her new person/family Please fill out the application on this link View full description »

Young, Female, Medium

Hi, my name is ALORA and I am a TWO-YEAR-OLD old female HOUND MIX weighing 55 pounds. Not to brag, but I’m a real stunner with my slim figure and lush brindle coat with white on the chest that you won’t be able to resist caressing. I am originally from Texas and. I moved to New York, to became a Posh Pet and have acclimated well to NY but still scared of traffic and loud noises so more probably better in the suburbs with a fenced-in backyard and I love the beach and dog park I have been in a foster home with other DOGS so I love to play and snuggle Will od good with older children I would do better in a calmer home. I am never aggressive, just hesitant but doesn't take me long to be comfortable and feel secure with people I’m a sweet girl and I’ll make you smile when I play in the water, which is something I love to do! I happily share my human, gently take treats, and I like to follow my foster mom around the home. I am inquisitive and eager to learn new things, how about you teach me. even better like to play with my dog friends and you can see I let my foster mom even dress me up You’ll be so glad you welcomed me into your family. I’m spayed, up to date on vaccinations, and microchipped. Housetrained Please fill out the application on this link View full description »

Young, Female, Medium

She has it all but the Royal wave! .Our perfectly pleasantly plump Princess is all wrapped up in a shiny caramel coat with soft, expressive eyes matching her coat as they look up with trust and longing. 4-year-old Princess joined us when her family could no longer care for her. She adjusted quickly and just as quickly earned the title of staff and volunteer favorite. Her leash manners are excellent, she’s likely housetrained, loves loves loves treats and loves tossing around plush toys. It’s great when a dog can amuse herself with a toy! She seems to prefer smaller dogs and a meet and greet is required if you have a resident dog Princess is quiet, gentle, easy, and happy to join in with whatever you want to do. Show her a treat and she’ll follow you anywhere!! A lover of long easy walks followed up with snuggle time our Princess is ready to find her new royal family. She’s spayed, up to date with vaccinations, microchipped, and cordially accepting adoption applications. Please fill out this application by copying and pasting the link into your browser View full description »

Young, Female, Medium

Hi, My name is ACE and I am a Two-year-old PUGGLE MIX with a soft Tan coat. I weigh 16 pound Here is my story... I came here with 7 other dogs from Texas, and we had a rough start. We lived outside in someone’s enclosed yard and weren’t shown any love or attention. No one interacted with us, so we thought that humans were scary. But that’s the past and now that I have been rescued and am constantly told that I am special and Posh, I’m leaving my past behind and ready for a new, happy life with a loving family. I am in a wonderful foster home in New York where I am learning to trust My foster mom has been very patient with me as I was very skittish when I first arrived. Their kindness and patience and living with OTHER DOGS is really helping me thrive and I copy them so Our rescue feels that ANOTHER$ SMALL DOG in the home is required, as it is very good for me to live with a stable dog I can play with. I also have discovered how much I love to be touched and get belly rubs but this has taken the time and any new person must realize it's going to take time and patience I am still skittish of strangers coming into the home and will run and hide. But I love to come and play with the other dogs and love car rides and going for walks The leash is left on me as I still have a tendency to hide when I am scared, and that makes it easy for my foster parents to get me and take me for a walk I hope your heart is open to giving me a chance at having a loving family to call my own. I promise I’m worth getting to know. I NEED ANOTHER DOG in the home to also keep showing me how to be a great family member. A home in the suburbs is best for me with a fenced in yard also as I am still nervous of loud noises I am neutered now and have all my shots. Heart Worm tested negative Please fill out this application by copying and pasting the link into your browser View full description »

Young, Male, Small

Introducing Brindicilous, Bodacious, Bruce, or Brucey Goosey as he's called by his fans! Our 7-year-old boy can be difficult to get to know, but once he's a friend he's loyal, affectionate, and playful. Great on a leash, and housetrained, Bruce loves to go on long walks where he can roll around on the grass to self scratch his back! He loves belly rubs, playing with toys, a good game of fetch, and simply hanging out in the sun. Sometimes serious, sometimes goofy, he loves romping on the beach, loves treats, and can entertain himself with a toy for hours. He has been professionally trained and does know he's commands Bruce will thrive in a quiet adult only home, preferably with a yard, as an only pet with an experienced person who speaks 'dog' and positivity. A few meet and greets with Bruce may be necessary in order to cement your relationship. Bruce is neutered, up to date with appropriate vaccinations, and microchipped. Please fill out this application by copying and pasting link into your browser View full description »

Adult, Male, Medium

VERY ACTIVE DOG Hi, my name is MANGO and I am an adorable ONE-YEAR-OLD FEMAL AMERICAN STAFFIE MIX. I weigh just 39 pounds fully grown so I am just the perfect size for living in the city or the burbs. My pointy ears and beautiful eyes will give you full attention as you tell me how sweet I am and how lucky we are to have found each other. I have a stunning black coat with unique sprinkles of white on my little face. I am with a trainer now learning all my basic obedience and he said he's never had such a smart pup as I learn what he was teaching me in two days. He said I need structure and exercise to be the best dog ever I will be great with people who jog or hike or understand I do need plenty of exercises and to keep me crated when not home for training purposes which I love and enjoy I love to run and play with other DOGS and like any typical young dog, and not a mean bone in my body with other dogs I am housetrained and Spayed with all my shots and Microchip Please fill out this application by copying and pasting a link into your browser In ROSCOE< NY View full description »

Young, Female, Medium

FOR ALL YOU CHI FANS OUT THERE, here is a fearless one for you! My name is BOSS and I am an adorable SEVEN year old male CHIHUAHUA. I’m everything you want from a little guy, full of character, fun-loving and very confident. Typical of my breed, I am very sure of myself and very smart. I prefer to be picked up slowly, so I can feel confident in who you are and how gentle you’ll be. I currently live with BIG and SMALL DOGS and CATS and get along with everyone. I am neutered with all updated shots and a microchip. I am in ROSCOE NY. Please fill out this application by copying and pasting link into your browser View full description »

Adult, Male, Small

Introducing gorgeous 9 years young Chloe, a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. Classic coloring, eyes that look into your heart, and a megawatt smile, Chloe is ready to find her happily ever after. Chloe's perfect day consists of easy walks, some playtime, and lots of cuddle time with her person. She's the perfect TV buddy! Chloe does not like to share her things, so an experienced person who understands when to leave her alone is needed. She will warn you, but what's hers is hers. Chloe knows 'sit' and 'high five', and happily shows off her skills in exchange for a treat which she gently takes. Chloe loves children (older children suggested), gets along with cats, and can be dog selective. Our superstar is housetrained, crate trained, and looking for a person to provide structure, routine, and guidance to be the best she can be. She's such a love, and is move-in ready, up to date with vaccinations, spayed, and microchipped. Let's get her home! Please fill out this application by copying and pasting the link into your browser View full description »

Adult, Female, Large

Gorgeous redhead looking for love. Adrian is 8 years young, and equal parts spunky and couch potato. A lover of walks, a master of learning new commands as well as agility moves, she also loves long naps and will steal your spot on the couch when you get up. "Thank you for warming up this spot", says Adrian! Adrian loves affection, giving it as good as she gets it, and loves to make a nest out of her blankets and bed. Her foster mom tells us she listens well, is super smart, doesn't touch anything that isn't hers/given to her, and simply wants to be with her person all the time. Adrian would prefer to be the only pet in your home and will shower you with love so you will realize you only need her. Snuggle buddy, walking partner, meal companion (she doesn't beg), TV watcher if that's what you want to do, Adrian is the perfect best friend who is happy if you're happy. And she's happy as long as she's with you! She loves going for walks and even better at the beach She loves the water Housetrained, spayed, microchipped, current with all vaccinations, and ready to curl up on your couch! Please fill out this application by copying and pasting the link into your browser View full description »

Adult, Female, Medium

Ziggy is a gorgeous dog with a lush white coat, a wagging tail, and a happy smile. He is a middle-aged gent (7 years old/50 lbs), who has been professionally trained. Not your average dog, Ziggy is our 'unicorn' who when he loves, loves with his whole heart. Ziggy will need slow introductions to new people especially in his home. and he likes to be the protector of his person/people, so it's always necessary he be put in another room when new people enter the home. Ziggs takes time to warm up to new people, although he can sometimes make a snap judgment that yes, you're his kind of people and it's love at first sight. Ziggs loves his walks, is housetrained, is wonderfully affectionate with 'his' people, loves to play fetch (he's a pro), and can also amuse himself for hours playing with a ball or two or four! A good roll in the grass, a belly rub, showing off his sit, paw, and down for a treat, he's pretty amazing . Ziggy loves a car ride, and often goes for a ride with staff for a bagel! Well behaved when home alone, As stated. once he decides he loves you, his love has no boundaries! Ziggy also needs slow introductions to other dogs, but at this stage in his life, he's fine being solo. Our Ziggs is ready to find the person to devote his life to; he's neutered, up to date with vaccinations, microchipped. Ziggy is neutered, up to date on his vaccinations, microchipped and ready to find his person to devote his life to Please fill in this application View full description »

Adult, Male, Medium
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