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Big Personality in a small Package, Thats ISABEL, who only weighs 30 pounds at nearly ONE YEAR OLD of age. She came from Tennessee and is still like a puppy that is full of fun and waiting to go on adventures and very friendly She loves PEOPLE and other DOGS and learning her manners of not jumping and sits very nicely for treats She Loves playing and then snuggling. Perfect dog for anyone Spayed with all up to date soots and microchip Please fill out the application on this link View full description »

Young, Female, Medium

Hi My name is Diva, and a pure female KEESHOUND at three years old and weighing 35 pounds. I was rescued from a puppy mill and still learning everything, including loud noises, I have relaxed now with my rescue and love to go for walks but still nervous about new dogs coming in my face , so for now, I should be the only one in the home but I am so sweet it will be worth it Spayed with all updated shots and Heartworm Tested negative Please fill out the application on this link View full description »

Young, Female, Medium

Remember the expression “ cool beans”? No, well it’s coming back! Meet Bean, our coolest of cool hunk looking for a home at TWO AND HALF YEARS OLD . This gorgeous pup who definitely has some boxer in him and weighs 55 sexy pounds. There isn’t one person who has met him who immediately doesn’t say, “wow, he’s gorgeous”. Bean enthusiastically makes new friends, is super housetrained, enjoys his walks, but most of all loves his toys, especially balls. Watching him ‘talk’ to a ball as he bats it around is guaranteed to make you laugh. He’s having such a good time! Bean knows ‘sit’ and ‘paw’, and maybe more that we haven’t yet discovered. He’s very smart, takes treats super gently, always looks serious, and enjoys being pet. Bean is neutered, up to date with vaccinations, microchipped and ready to go home Please fill out the application on this link View full description »

Young, Male, Large

My name is RHETT and I am a beautiful and fluffy EIGHT-MONTH-OLD pure male KEESHOUND weighing 30 pounds Things to know about my breed besides my Rescue saying I love playing and kisses Compared to other breeds in the "spitz" family, the Keeshond is quieter, more sensible, and less dominant. Bright, cheerful, and lively, Keeshond needs moderate exercise, but more importantly, he needs companionship. He is very people-oriented, craves attention and petting, and needs to be fully involved in the family. With his acute hearing and emotional sensitivity, Keeshonds are more reactive to loud noises than some other breeds and don't do well in an environment with tension or shouting. This is not a guard dog. Keeshonds will bark, but it's usually welcoming rather than protective. Most are peaceful with other pets. Neutered with all my shots and Heartworm Tested negative Please fill out the application on this link View full description »

Young, Male, Medium

Hi My name is MAPLE, and I am the gorgeous and NNE-MONTH-OLD male with a stunning Brindle long-haired coat weighing now 55 pounds My momma was a German Shepherd and I come from Tennessee. She was in her yard and the owner thinks a labrador/hound mix dog, jumped the fence. My momma gave birth to myself and my sister two months later and now we are old enough to come to New York to find our new home I am very sweet and social and love other DOGS, CATS, and CHILDREN, and I have long legs that make me look very elegant and easy to walk on a leash Extremely social I am neutered and have all my shots, and have been heartworm tested Negative Please fill out the application on this link View full description »

Young, Male, Large

Upon meeting Praline one of the very first things that will catch your eye is her stunning brindle coat. You will definitely want to pet her and she will happily let you! Praline is a friendly girl enjoying her playdates with other pups at 55 pounds She’s a social, fun 8 month old puppy! Praline is spayed, up to date on vaccinations Heartworm tested negative, and ready to go home for the holidays! Please fill out the application on this link View full description »

Young, Female, Large

Rain is stunning! At 1-1/2 years old, she’s done with puppy crazies and loves to spend time with people. Rain is a lab mix with a sexy combination of sultry eyes, one all blue, the other blue and brown. Rain joins us from an Amish puppy mill but despite her beginnings, or maybe because of them, she’s social and sweet. She loves hanging out on a couch with her person, loves cuddling and rolling over for a belly rub. She’s lovely on leash and is even used to train new volunteers! Passing other dogs on the street will sometimes generate a cute play bow and others she ignores. A meet and greet with a resident dog is required. Rain is spayed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, heartworm negative and ready to find her forever cuddle buddy. Please fill out the application at this link View full description »

Young, Female, Medium

Walking down the street with Bellatrix is like walking with a supermodel She’s so stunning that heads turn to watch her pass. Bellatrix is a one-year-old chocolate lab mix and weighs a perfect 65 pounds. She’s long-legged and elegant but doesn’t let her model-good looks fool you, she’s all about some fun! Bellatrix greets her friends with stand-up hugs, loves car rides, loves going on adventures and loves playtime with other dogs. She’s a rockstar! She’s gentle with a pen full of playful puppies and alters her play style to suit with other dogs. Bellatrix is looking for an active person or family as she’s an energetic, playful girl who loves being out and about. Spayed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations and heartworm negative, she’s hoping you’ll complete this application to meet her. Please fill out the application on this link View full description »

Young, Female, Large

Are you looking for a best friend to follow you around the house? TOMMY is a lovable, playful, smart, ONE YEAR old Labrador Mix know that weighs 34 lbs, This guy was found in the woods in Texas at the age of six months. And he was rescued and has been learning about life on Long Island and running around in the backayrd .Tommy enjoyed his weekend camping at the beach. He enjoys hanging out with the guys and going to the beach with the girls and his furry friends. Tommy has come a long way with his social skills and would love to have someone who loves the outdoors like him. He is shy in crowds and feels comfortable in a quiet but active environment. Great with other DOGS and CATS Neutered and up to date with vaccinations. If you are interested in meeting Tommy Housetrained Please fill out the application on this link View full description »

Young, Male, Medium

It’s time our Chewy ( Choo-Choo as we all affectionately call her) finds a home. At 1-1/2 years old this little beauty loves her walks, meeting new people, belly rubs, treats, playing in a pool or ocean, snuggle time, and other dogs. Her play style can be a bit pushy and vocal, but she’s all about some fun. At a petite 42 pounds, she’ll fit perfectly next to you on your sofa (or on your lap)! Chewy wanted to be understated for Halloween, so an orange tee and matching scarf is it for her! Chewy is spayed, microchipped, heartworm negative, up to date with vaccinations, and ready for couch time with you.. Please fill out the application on this link View full description »

Young, Female, Medium

The most handsome face peaks out at me as I approach. It's Graham! Mr. Graham is a stunning brindle boy with long-legged elegance, a wagging tail, and a happy smiling face who lets the volunteers even dress him in a Tutu, he is so easy. Graham is about a year old and weighs 58 pounds. Graham is fun, friendly, and lively, loves his walks, is housetrained, gives the best stand-up hugs and kisses, and loves toys. He can amuse himself endlessly when left alone, throwing around a toy and playing fetch by himself! He'll share his toy with his person as Graham's motto is 'what's mine is yours! When playtime is over, it's cuddle time, and he'll slide down for a belly rub or hunker down next to you on the sofa. Graham will do his best as a solo pet as he checks all the boxes for a great companion all by himself. To meet his handsome hunk, please complete an application: View full description »

Young, Male, Medium

To say I’m mildly obsessed with this petite, feisty full of sass in my pants girl, well, is accurate? She’s a typical small dog who is Deaf but has a large personality. And like most typical smalls, she wants it her way when she wants it, and won’t hear of it any other way. Pixie is one of those dogs who has to make the first move. She will allow petting, kisses, being picked up when she’s ready and she will let you know when that time is. she can be protective of you also She weighs maybe 19 lbs full grown, is selective with other dogs, and has the best time when she’s lounging on the couch or her little doggie bed. She’s available for adoption for dog owners who have first-hand experience with behaviors like hers. Once your in though, you’re IN! Spayed and updated with all her shots Please fill out the application on this link View full description »

Young, Female, Small

Hi My name is KIMMIE and I am the sweetest ONE YEAR -OLD gorgeous looking pup. I am 35 pounds and have a lovely white soft coat. I was hit by a car in Texas and found lying in a ditch. Unfortunately irreparable damage was done to my tail bone. I have seen a specialist and it was determined I cannot walk in my own. But after arriving in New York I soon found out how nice everyone was. I had a special wheelchair made for me, I love walking with my wheels and playing now with all my dog's friends!!! I can also scoot by myself on soft surfaces (like grass and carpet) like a pro!!! I am currently in a foster home with other dogs which makes me so happy, I love other dogs!!! I am very happy now and very easy to take care of. I just have to be put in my chair to make sure I go outside to be helped to go to the bathroom. I am guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Please fill out the application on this link to adopt me; View full description »

Young, Female, Medium

Hi My name is JILL and An extremely sweet THREE-YEAR-old terrier mix with big stand up ears and a big smile weighing 20 pounds I have such a great personality that people also smile back at me when they meet me I am missing one of my front legs and the foot of my other leg But I get around in wheels wonderfully and can go everywhere with you I also can run around on soft areas like grass, without my wheels and I can balance myself on my shorter leg, so I am just like a normal dog playing with my Dog friends and even have a Cat I live with Of course, my favorite spot is lying on the couch next to you and enjoying hanging out as I am very low maintenance I am housetrained to use a pad or go outside and very easy as I don't need any special care Spayed with all my updated shots and microchip Please fill out the application on this link View full description »

Young, Female, Small

“What a gorgeous dog!” We get that comment so often from people who see him. And he is! Rascal is stunning with a coat that gleams with good health, a sweet, soft, intelligent face, and a wagging tail. At 2 years old, and about 70 pounds, Rascal is a social butterfly making friends with everyone he meets. He loves to play with balls and toys, can amuse himself for hours in the pool, is soooo housetrained (he lets you know when he needs to go out), loves his walks, and enjoys playing with dogs close to his own size ( a meet and greet with a resident dog is required). No cats or small dogs for this boy. Rascal knows ‘sit’ and ‘paw’ in exchange for reward treats which he takes gently. Rascal is smart, affectionate, playful, and ready to find his new person or family. Neutered, and up-to-date with vaccinations, microchipped Rascal invites you to complete this application to meet him. Please fill out the application on this link View full description »

Young, Male, Large

VERY ACTIVE DOG Hi, my name is MANGO and I am an adorable ONE-YEAR-OLD FEMALE AMERICAN STAFFIE MIX. I weigh just 39 pounds fully grown so I am just the perfect size for living in the city or the burbs. My pointy ears and beautiful eyes will give you full attention as you tell me how sweet I am and how lucky we are to have found each other. I have a stunning black coat with unique sprinkles of white on my little face. I am with a trainer now learning all my basic obedience and he said he's never had such a smart pup as I learned what he was teaching me in two days. He said I need structure and exercise to be the best dog ever. I will be great with people who jog or hike or understand I need plenty of exercise and to keep me crated when not home for training purposes which I love and enjoy. I love other dogs, big or small, especially ones who love to play!!! I am housetrained and Spayed with all my shots and Microchip Please fill out this application by copying and pasting a link into your browser In ROSCOE< NY View full description »

Young, Female, Medium
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