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  • Housebroken

This adorable nugget is Thomas! He is one of four rabbits surrendered to Posh Pets Rescue after the local police found them living in a hot garage. As it turns out, these babies had been living in that garage for nearly their whole 4-5 years of life? Thankfully, Thomas and friends are now on to bigger and better things as Posh pets! Handsome Tommy is a curious, playful gentleman, and is becoming more comfortable in his environment each day. He loves his bananas as treats and eats his hay like a champ! This sweet little boy is searching for a loving, committed, indoor-only home that will give him the second chance he sooo deserves? Rabbits do require a specific environment and specialized care, so making the decision to adopt a rabbit is not one to be taken lightly. Many rabbits live to be 10-12+ years old with proper care. They need to see experienced rabbit-savvy vets and a close eye on their behavior for any signs of illness. Their sensitive GI systems will not function without a proper diet, consisting mainly of hay. As prey animals, most rabbits will not do well in a high energy or chaotic home. They also require enough space to run/hop around with plenty of stimulation and interaction. All this being said, rabbits can be amazing pets with lots of love to give! If you’d like to learn more about rabbit care, is an excellent resource? To apply to adopt Thomas or another rabbit, please visit

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