• Great Pyrenees
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with routine shots

ANGEL is a beautiful and stunning female TEN-MONTH-old GREAT PYRENEES weighing now 60 pounds She came from Texas with her sister from a man who only had this breed and he had too many so he asked our rescue to take Angel is very gentle and easy to handle and will give you soft kisses. She also likes taking walks The Great Pyrenees is a large to giant breed dog, depending on their estimated full-grown size. They’re gentle, very loving, and affectionate towards their families. So, be prepared for lots of cuddles and snuggles with this pup. However, thanks to their large size, they require plenty of space to live comfortably. This dog would absolutely love a fenced backyard to play and roam around. In conclusion, the Great Pyrenees is a wonderful breed with many amazing qualities. Although big in size, the Great Pyrenees possess a very calm, mature attitude. They’re affectionate, loyal, and protective of their families. And they’re so fluffy and cuddly, which makes them even more adorable. Angel never had toys or treats so she does protect from other dogs by warning them but if corrected by her human immediately listens and stops Angel is spayed now and up to date with all shots Please fill out this application by copying and pasting the link into your browser

Young, Female, Large