Adult, Male, Medium
 . Bullett .
 . Bullett .  . Bullett .  . Bullett .  . Bullett .  . Bullett .
  • American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bulldog
They say someone else’s loss is another person’s gain. Will you be the lucky person that welcomes me into your family?! Hi My name is BULLET and I am a handsome, sweet, fun loving NINE YEAR old MALE AMERICAN/STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER. I weigh a cuddly 68 pounds and I have the most adorable flap over ears. I was given up by owner who could no longer to take care of me and am a bit sad to no longer be in a home. I really loved having a home to call my own. My new rescue has been so kind to me and take me on fun walks and give me lots of hugs, which helps cheer me up. They say I’m a wonderful companion and very well behaved. I don't mind dogs that pass by on street, but I do prefer to be the only dog in a home. I have been diagnosed with a thyroid condition , so I need take medicine everyday; just one pill that I easily take with my food. Neutered with all my shots and microchip
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